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Will you triumph at the head of the Allied Forces? Or will you unite the world under tyranny, for the glory of the Reich, the japanese Emperor or the idea of a New Rome? Strategy fans and Axis and Allies afficionados could scratch that grand strategy itch with the upcoming Axis and Allies Online, developped and published by Beamdog.

Who said that 4X games were dead? Seven years after supervising the finishing touches to Civilization V as the lead designer for , Jon Shafer is back into the fray with his own game, At the Gates, a title that both respects and transforms the codes of the 4X genre.

There is something to be said about great game design. A good game will keep you entertained for a few hours. Maybe more if it’s quite interesting. A great game will keep you coming back for nearly ten years. Fortunately, Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance is a great game. And a decade after it came out, it’s still one of the best of the genre, if not the best.