SVGA delves into the fantastic world of PC retro gaming. Prepare for some sillyness. Some rusty game mechanics. Some FMV. But most of all, prepare for some fun!

Hosted by Hugo Prévost and Robert Hiltz.

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Our most recent episodes:

  • SVGA #11: Splinter Cell and Those Night Vision Googles
    One man. A world-spanning conspiracy. And something akin to bunny-hopping, but more like toad-hopping, and it’s probably quite bad for the knees and the legs. This is Splinter Cell.
  • SVGA #10: The Strange and Wonderful World of Myst
    You end up on a strange island. No one takes you by the hand. There’s no quest markers. Not many clues. Just one vague objective: understand. In 1993, Myst was a sensation. And 28 years later, this exploration and adventure game still holds up.
  • SVGA #09: Unreal Tournament, The Frag Fest
    Grab your flak cannon and shoot away: in 1999, arena shooters were all the rage. Along with Quake III Arena, Unreal Tournament was the game to play for hours, be it against bots or, preferably, against other human players.
  • SVGA #08: Total Annihilation And The Sweet Smell Of Molten Metal
    Robots, robots, and more robots. Oh, and explosions, of course! Published in 1997, Cavedog Interactive’s Total Annihilation helped defined the real-time strategy genre with its original mechanics and its scale. Prepare to fight for survival in this 8th episode of SVGA, your retro PC gaming podcast.
  • SVGA plays… FAITH
    Are you scared of the dark? Do you have what it takes to fight demons, evil spirits and maleficient creatures? For Halloween, SVGA turns its head towards the excellent indie game FAITH.

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