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There’s episodes, and there’s episodes: both SVGA’s cohosts are hard at work to prepare the next installment of our retrogaming series, with Burnout: Paradise, but in the meantime, they decided to launch a new type of discussion, called DLCs. 

So, I have to say, some of this is my own fault. I saw that Black Legend was set in the 17th century, after some kind of war, and that in order to get the king’s pardon you had to go free a town from something. That’s all I knew when I was offered a chance to review the game. Seemed fun!

Le marché des joueurs de jeux vidéo est un marché qui rapporte, et cela, la compagnie de produits électroniques tp-link l’a bien compris. Son plus récent ajout à la gamme des routeurs Archer, l’AX6600, comprend des caractéristiques spécialement conçues pour ceux qui jouent en ligne, que ce soit pour leur propre plaisir ou pour diffuser le tout sur Twitch, par exemple.

You end up on a strange island. No one takes you by the hand. There’s no quest markers. Not many clues. Just one vague objective: understand. In 1993, Myst was a sensation. And 28 years later, this exploration and adventure game still holds up.

Hitman 3 is a welcomed conclusion to a well-known series of games. Despite being pretty straightforward, the gameplay mechanics are quite refined and provide a pretty fun experience from beginning to end.