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Avengers: Endgame, a Movie for the Fans

Avengers: Endgame is not for just anybody. This movie is for the souls who watched every movie on opening night, and for those who rewatched them again before every major event. Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame is the movie event of the year. It’s a love letter to the diehard fans of the past decade, and it works. It’s the perfect ending to an anthology of wonderful stories.

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Ethan Hawke Makes Robert Budreau’s ‘Stockholm’ Worth Watching

Movies based on real events have a difficult task ahead of them: they need to keep the integrity of the event, but still tell a compelling story. If done poorly, it’s either a boring movie, or full of lies.  Stockholm, a film by Canadian director, Robert Budreau, tells the story of the Norrmalmstrog robbery; this movie is a complete fictionalized version of the event that took place. Though Ethan Hawke’s performance is captivating, Stockholm is an ultimately flawed movie about relationships, and survival. 

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Oscar Predictions: How Right Will I Be? Volume 2

The 91st Academy Awards are going live February 24th. This year’s ceremony have gone through a lot, from problems with the host, changes to the categories, and an overall sense of “who cares”. Whatever it may be, it’s the Superbowl of movie awards, and it’s fun to watch if not for the aesthetics of the red carpet, but for the theatrics of it all.

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« The Kid Who Would Be King » is Suitable for Kids, and No One Else

It’s a story as old as the Arthurian legend. A young plucky kid discovers that there’s more to this world than they originally expected. Adventure and duty are thrust upon them, and they make the selfless choice to claim victory with a little help from their friends. The Kid Who Would Be King is director and writer Joe Cornish’s attempt at tackling this genre.