SVGA #05: Doom, A Shotgun, And Some Demons


Are you ready? Ready to rip, to tear, to kill dozens of monsters, to hear the sweet sound of that super shotgun firing two shells right into an imp’s face, transforming its head into a geyser of blood and gore? Welcome to Doom, probably the most influencial first-person shooter of all time.

For this fifth episode of SVGA, your PC retrogaming podcast, Hugo Prévost and Robert Hiltz revisit this glorious classic from 1993 and its sequel, Doom 2, which came out the following year. Fast-paced action, glorious violence, demonic imagery and the determined face of the Doomguy: 27 years after its first release, id Software’s masterpiece still holds up.

Want to play Doom and Doom 2? You can buy the complete edition on Humble Bundle.

To enjoy Doom even more, you can try Zandronum and Brutal Doom for free.

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