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I’m not ashamed to admit, but Deadpool 2 worried me. I thought the first movie hit it out of the park. It was awesome when it needed to be, funny when it counted, with enough charm to make it enjoyable.

Did you know I am an avid comic book fan and cinephile? Oh you did… okay. So then you should understand how blessed I am to see Avengers: Infinity War movie come to fruition. A decade long journey has come finally exploded its way to the big screen and right into my fanboy heart. Though the movie is obviously flawed, I cannot help not enjoy it. I am beyond satisfied. I was honest to Thanos moved.

A lot has happened in the last decade. For starters, I had way more hair, Facebook was in the news for less nefarious reasons, and I was just still living with my parents. Let’s see….What else…. Oh yes. A trenchcoat clad Samuel L. Jackson said two simple words: “Avenger’s Initiative”. Does anyone remember how they felt when they heard those two words? I do, and they were magical and promising. My young brain couldn’t imagine the effect they would have.

Once again, Hugh Jackman is sent into the past, sports a set of sideburns, and faces obstacles affecting his family, his finance, and his freedom.  Only with a troupe of outcasts can he finally achieve the sense of excitement he truly craves. As Wolverine, he has an admantium skeleton, a berserker rage, and flurry of claws. This time, he portrays  P.T Barnum, of the Barnum & Bailey Circus fame, he sports a top hat, a golden voice, and throws around flourishes in choreographed dances.

On the surface, Guillermo del Toro’s movies all have a similar feel, his trademarks are monsters, machines, and bucketlaods of slime.  His fascination for the weird and supernatural is ever-present in all of his works. Deeper down, for the most part, his movies are far kinder.

One of the worst offenses a movie can commit is be mediocre. Everyone remembers both great films as well as terrible films. Even if these films are on the opposite side of the spectrum in quality, memorable scenes will be ingrained in our brain like an embarrassing first kiss, to that passionate tenth one. Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is an awful movie, just awful.