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If you’ve seen Deadpool 2, then you will have seen Once Upon a Deadpool. If you haven’t and are curious, read a review of the previous movie here. In essence, it’s the same story. Some scenes are edited to cater the PG-13 audience, which includes cleaner violence, and nicer language.

I’m not ashamed to admit, but Deadpool 2 worried me. I thought the first movie hit it out of the park. It was awesome when it needed to be, funny when it counted, with enough charm to make it enjoyable.

The Bad Batch was a hard movie to find. It has a popular cast and an even more popular concept; I would expect it to be advertised more than it currently is. It stars such powerhouses as Keanu Reeves, Jim Carey and Jason Momoa. Add an upcoming female lead (played by Suki Waterhouse) and throw them in a post-apocalyptic environment with a cannibalistic cult and you should have a hit. This movie just screams blockbuster. Instead, it sort of just appeared. Unfortunately, this movie won’t be in theatres for long. It is popular enough to get a handful of people to come out to the opening night at midnight on Friday during a national holiday. 

La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines se démarque toujours un peu des salles de spectacles mêmes les plus expérimentales. Pourtant, les dimensions plus restreintes des lieux et sa discrète présence sur la rue sont loin d’être le reflet de l’exubérante créativité qui y trouve son nid. Fidèle à son habitude, cette scène très contemporaine n’a pas peur de présenter des œuvres à la fois extravagantes, expérimentales et franches. C’est exactement ce que propose ACTION MOVIE, en mêlant habilement anti-oppression, féminisme, remise en question profonde – et humour!