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Spoiler-Free Review: Ready Player One

I’m finding it very hard to dislike Steven Spielberg. It seems that enjoying his repertoire is the equivalent to liking ice cream and laughing. It’s rare to find someone who doesn’t like either. His newest movie to come out is Ready Player One, based on Ernest Kline’s novel of the same name. It could have been a glorified computer graphic nightmare, full of nostalgia lacking any kind of substance. But in the hands of the man who made some of the most memorable and stunning movies, it turned out to be a heartfelt love letter for gamers and geeks alike. Insert credit for Ready Player One.

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Les inquiétants mystères d’Echo

Sur une étrange planète à la surface uniformément recouverte de tours identiques, En, jeune femme à peine sortie d’un sommeil cryogénique d’un siècle, part à la recherche d’une méthode légendaire pouvant ressusciter un être aimé dont l’essence aurait été conservée dans un cube d’énergie. 

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Maize, un jeu qui s’éclate!

Est-il possible de mélanger l’ambiance mystérieuse des X-Files à l’humour absurde des Monty Python? C’est l’improbable pari que relève le studio torontois Finish Line Games avec son jeu d’aventure Maize.

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Orwell, or how I learned to love Big Brother

It’s been a wild ride: following the very last moments of the fifth and ultimate episode of Orwell, some time is necessary to catch our breath. And for the people at Osmotic, the team behind the game, the experience was thrilling… and exhausting.


Sombrero: multiplayer gunfight at the O.K. Corral

Bang! And you’re dead. Well, until you respawn and start shooting again, that is. Developped by PixelMetal, an indie studio, Sombrero: Spaghetti Western Mayhem is a short but funny party game that quickly turns to pandemonium once you get four players in the action.