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Factorio at version 1.0: what’s next?

It took eight years, but they finally did it: the developers of Wube Software, in Prague, published the official « 1.0 » version of the factory management game Factorio a few weeks ago. For one of the original creators of the game, however, this is just the beginning. 

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Modern Wolf, indie publishing and the videogame industry’s ethics

Soul-crushing crunch time to be sure to launch a new game on time; the risk of being fired once a project is complete; the multiplication of microtransactions in full-priced games while locking important features behind a paywall… The videogame industry is not living its brightest moment, but a new publisher, Modern Wolf, aims to set some new standards.


Rethinking the Mechanical Keyboard With Lofree

The world of keyboards is a strange one. You have your basic, ordinary keyboard, the cheap one that came with your computer, 10 years ago, and that has been collecting dust, crumbs and hairs ever since. You have your mechanical one, generally made for gaming, with that exquisite « clacking » sound, but also with, most of the time, RGB lights and useless LED illumination patterns. And now you have the lofree. A mechanical keyboard, yes, but one that tries to do away with the clichés.