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Do average scores make movies unwatchable? A review of Hotel Artemis

Let me get this out of the way. I am not an avid advocate or opponent to review sites like and Rotten Tomatoes. I admit, the score does influence me slightly, but it’s not often I will refuse to see a film based on it. However, movies with a rating of 60% or a 2.5 on 5 intrigue me. With a little push in either direction, they can be works of art to absolute failures. What does it take to take a movie out of mediocrity?

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Hollywood en guerre contre Rotten Tomatoes

La pouvoir du « tomatomètre » a atteint un point critique, alors que les projections de presse ont lieu de plus en plus tard avant l’ouverture en salles, et que les films tentent d’éviter la sinistre tache verte qualifiant une oeuvre « ratée ».