Rumors on the New iPhone 13


A new iPhone is released by Apple every year. Indeed, every year, there is also speculation and rumours that fly around on what people can expect from the new smartphone. With so much competition out there now, particularly from Samsung, Apple has to work hard to come up with new concepts and technology that is going to cause excitement. After all, since millions of people already have an iPhone, the next model has to be something unique in order to make those people go out and buy another one.

The iPhone 13 is the latest model to be released and the rumours are already spinning around about this smartphone. While it is all speculation until Apple confirms it, there are some interesting ideas floating around on the internet about this mobile. Let’s take a look at them and look forward to the new iPhone 13 that will be released later on this year.

The Specifications

Smartphone users expect a new mobile to have the latest technology and they want the specifications to be better than the latest handset they have had. Indeed, this is what Apple is trying to do with the new iPhone 13.

Let’ start by saying that this smartphone is rumoured to feature a 120 Hz LTPO display. This is going to allow you to do everything from Facetime with friends to play online casino games. It will be powered by an A15 Bionic chip, which is said to be ahead of schedule in production. What’s more, users are going to benefit from a better battery life. This is due to the technology and displays that will be used, allowing people to reduce their power consumption and to allow your battery to go further. This is accompanied by Wi-Fi 6E, which is going to lead to faster speeds.

When it comes to the camera on this smartphone, there is an ultra-wide-angle lens expected. This may only be on the Pro models of the iPhone. In particular, it will perform better in low-light settings, as well as an autofocus feature being included. Together, this is going to create a better experience when it comes to taking photographs. There is also set to be a new portrait video mode available. While we always hope that the camera will be upgraded every year, these are the only rumours on the camera so far. In fact, some even say that there are not going to be any major changes to the camera until 2022 with the next model.

When it comes to storage, this might be some big changes in order. It is likely that you can enjoy 64 GB to 512 GB of storage on the iPhone 13v. But something that might excite you is that there are talks of having 1 TB of storage available. This would be the largest storage offering that Apple has had for their smartphones.

The Design

It has become normal for iPhone to release different sizes of iPhones. Indeed, this is what appears to be happening for the iPhone 13. Namely, you can expect four sizes to be available. This is going to include a mini at 5.4 inches and a 6.1-inch iPhone 13. Then there are going to be two Pro models. A Pro at 6.1 inches, as well as a iPhone 13 Pro Max at 6.7 inches. In fact, it is important to note that the iPhone 13 might not actually be called this. For example, there is suggestions that it could be called the iPhone 12s.

One thing that was introduced with the iPhone X was the notch at the top of the smartphone. This is the black band that expands down into the screen and it houses the speaker. While it is not something you will really notice on a day-to-day basis, it is something that is likely to be removed in the future. Why? Well, it is going to give you a larger display. Once we talk about the notch, you are definitely going to notice it more on your iPhone. There are two rumours currently circulating about the notch. One, it is going to be completely taken away in the redesign. Another suggests that it is actually going to become smaller and half in size. Something else you may notice is that some leaked images show that the camera module might be changing. Instead of them being stacked, the lens may appear diagonally.

Interestingly, there could be a new design for the touch ID sensor. This might be located under the display of the iPhone. Certainly, this might overcome the problems people are having with face ID when they are wearing a mask. This would be a different type of biometric security that would stop this problem from happening.

Something that is likely to excite a lot of people is that the iPhone 13 might ditch the lightning port. In other words, you may be able to charge this smartphone model without a wire. This is going to allow for a slim and neat design, as well as allow easy wireless charging. This is something we see on a lot of modern smartphones and it is definitely a feature Apple will benefit from.

It is hard to say when the details of the iPhone 13 will be confirmed. Indeed, all of the information we have listed is found from rumours on the internet. Some of them are likely to be true. However, not all of them will be. It is believed that Apple is going to be having a product event on April 20. However, it is thought that the focus is going to be on iPads as opposed to the new iPhone. But this may be a time for Apple to release when we can expect to hear more information about the new model and what can be anticipated. Often, a new iPhone is released in September. It will be exciting to see what Apple has planned for the new models.


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