Which Gaming Sectors are Growing the Fastest at the Moment?


The gaming industry is booming at the moment, and it means that there are many developments happening at the moment. With so much innovation taking place here, it can be so difficult to know where to look first. Here are some of the fastest-growing gaming sectors we can follow.

Indie Games

The summer of 2020 has been an excellent year for indie gaming. While the mainstream titles are as popular as ever before, there has also been a massive interest in what the indie market has been producing. This has already been a difficult aspect of the industry to gain traction in, and requires a lot of hard work to achieve success.

However, multiplayer video games have been a massive success this summer. One of the most popular has been Among Us, a small indie title that launched in 2018 but has since become one of the internet’s most beloved game. You either play as a crewmate trying to complete tasks, or you play as an imposter, sabotaging and eliminating your crewmates as they try to find you amongst their peers.

This game has been loved by players all over the world and streamers alike. It has even attracted more unorthodox players such as American politicians Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar livestreaming their time in the game. The high profile this game has brought will no doubt help other indie games also achieve a similar level of success.

Mobile Games

Nowadays, everyone has access to a smartphone, and that means that there are more and more mobile games being made than ever before. This is thought to be one of the most accessible types of gaming, and it is on track to completely dominate the other sectors. Not everyone can afford the latest PlayStation or a fancy gaming computer, but they are able to run games on their smartphone.

The vast breadth of games being developed here is part of the reason why this sector is so interesting. Whether a player is logging onto their favourite casino online, checking out the latest chapter in a storytelling app, or just loading up a quick shooter game to pass some time, there are new games always aiming to innovate in this sector.

Virtual Reality

For years, developers have been exploring some of the other applications of virtual reality beyond gaming. However, much of the focus is still concentrated on the gaming aspect of this technology. New titles are being released every day which build upon the foundations already laid here, and we are constantly seeing new games that push the boundaries of what VR can do.

On top of this, we are also beginning to see the next generations of VR headsets emerge onto the market. With this will always come a flurry of development. New technology in the form of a new headset will always be complemented by new software. With interest in this gaming format building all the time, it will be interesting to see precisely which game is going to be the next massive hit.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the indie sector is booming at the moment. Though there are some massive contenders emerging from the big developers, players are proving time and time again that they love the innovation indie developers can offer. Hopefully, we will see a continuation in the amazing projects that we have seen coming out of the smaller studios as we move into 2021. With so much development taking place, it is really hard to predict where the next major game is going to come from.


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