How to Get the Most out of your Money when you Bet Online


Can you win money consistently from sports betting? Yes, if you can build a system that predicts sports games correctly. A few people have done it. Another way to beat the bookies is to learn all the tricks and strategies successful punters use.

Most people don’t win money betting, at least not regularly. That’s not to mean it’s impossible. Winning at sports betting asks for discipline and consistency in doing the right thing. Here are seven tips to help you maximize your betting profits.

#1: Follow the Odds

Bookies aren’t created equal, which is why they differ in their odds. Land-based betting shops have the worst odds. So, if you’re looking for value, your best chance lies online.

Always compare numerous sports books before you bet. The goal is to bet where you get the best return for your money. You can compare odds the old way—opening several tabs to check the odds from your favourite sports books. Or you can visit odds’ comparison site to ease your work.

#2: Manage Your Bankroll

One of the best ways to get the most from your betting money is to have a budget. Determine how much you want to spend every week and how much to target as a profit. Then spend your bankroll wisely.

To expound more, bet with a specific amount of money. And never exceed it unless if you win a decent amount and decide to spend more. Besides helping you achieve your goals, a budget can also help you minimize your losses.

Think about it. A budget acts as your guide so that you don’t risk more money than you should. And in doing so, it helps you avoid unnecessary losses.

#3: Claim Free Bets and Bonuses

Picture this. One betting website offers you one free bet if you can spend $10. Another one has no bonus. Which bookie gives you better value for your money? The site with a free bet, of course.

Against that backdrop, look for bonuses regularly. It doesn’t matter which games you bet on—even casino games qualify for welcome packages. devolves into the topic in more detail, comparing the best online casinos for bonuses in Canada.

The beauty of many sports betting bonuses is that they have friendly terms and conditions. For example, you get a free bet but the only condition is that you get the profits you make from it but the not the stake involved.

Or you receive a bonus with 1x or 2x wagering requirements. To provide some context, many casino bonuses attract up to 50x rollover requirements.

#4: Find Value Bets

This tip is related to following the odds. But instead of looking for the best odds for a bet you want to place, you look for undervalued bet types. Let’s say Canada has an International friendly soccer games against the US.

You check the bookmakers and many of them have the US as the favourites. What’s more, the odds for the US Men’s team are low and promise little returns. But then there’s one wager type—totals—with great odds even though the two teams win by multiple goals often.

That’s where you should risk your money, because you’ll get impressive returns if your prediction is correct. Truth be told, find high-value odds isn’t a walk in the park. Many bookies are spectacular in setting odds.

#5: Avoid ACCA Bets

Accumulators, or ACCA, are bets that involve combining several wagers into one. Let’s say there are eight NBA teams playing in one day. You could pick the four teams to win and use ACCA to magnify your potential profits.

The benefit is that bookies combine the odds for all the teams in your ACCA bet. That way, you could wager $100 and win up to $5000. The disadvantage is that you must get all your predictions correctly. Otherwise, you lose.

The problem with ACCA bets is that they lower your chances of winning. Sure, you can win a lot of money. But you need to get four or more predictions correctly. The best option is to wager on single matches. There’s less money but there’s a higher chance of winning.

#6: Avoid Emotions

Can you really enjoy sports without emotions? Yes, especially if you want to win money betting on sports. Emotions are necessary if you want to immerse yourself into the world of sports. But when making money is your primary goal, all you decisions should be rational.

That means you can’t bet on your favourite team. It’s a difficult decision. However, it’s important. It’s hard to keep your head straight when wagering on your preferred sports team. So, look for matches and predict objectively.

Preferably, choose betting markets based on their ROI. If there’s an easy-to-predict match with good returns, give it a shot. If the returns are low; save your money for a different bet.

#7: Specialize

Many betting websites let you wager on just about anything in the world, from Ukrainian table tennis to marble racing. You could also wager on the royal, celebrities, politics and the weather. But do you really need to bet on everything?

Specialize in one sport or league. Then invest in learning everything about the sport and popular leagues. The objective is to become an expert. And in doing so, you increase your chances of winning. In turn, this magnifies your profits.

#8: Read Betting Tips

One attractive quality about the online sports betting community is that great punters are always willing to help…sometimes for free. Should you pay for tips? If you’re a beginner, start with free tips.

Choose games with great odds then compare your predictions to those of professional tipsters. If you find a site that offers consistently correct tips for free, then you don’t have to pay for tips. In many cases, paid tips don’t guarantee wins.

Another way to look at it is that many tipsters are regular punters with a lot of confidence in their predictions. And confidence in betting comes in learning how to bet correctly—by using the tips we shared above.


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